Top Indie Game Marketing Tips’s blog is full of interesting articles. Its latest article ’20 Indie Game Marketing Tips’, aimed at industry newbies and veterans alike, is an excellent tool. In this post, you will find its key talking points.

August 27th,  2018

In no particular order, below are what we consider to be Logan Williams’ main  marketing tips for Indie Games:

  • Steam Isn’t The Only Store in Town

While Steam is the most popular digital distribution platform in the world, it doesn’t mean it’s the only platform you should sell your game on

  • You Can Still Reach Your Goals by Attending Industry Events Without Paying For a Booth

Attending major industry events is an excellent opportunity if you can afford it, but don’t feel like you have to pay for a booth to make your time at the event worth it.

  • Don’t Use Giveaways to Build an Email List

If you’re trying to build a real list of potential players, it’s best to not include a giveaway as an incentive. It is a quick way to create a weak list.

  • Build a Community

With so much competition and fewer opportunities for visibility, building a community is one of the last things you can control.

  • PR Isn’t Magic

 If your marketing material isn’t right, you can’t expect results from any PR team or individual to be good.

  • Always Have Goals

In marketing, if you don’t have goals, you’re doing it wrong. Every announcement needs to have a thoughtful goal behind it.

  • When it comes to marketing, be concise

we need to be concise and impactful with our content. It saves everyone time and increases your chances of getting your words heard.

  • Keep Everything Connected

If you have social media accounts, a YouTube channel, a blog, a Discord channel, etc. they all need to be connected.

  • Know Your Budget

 If you do decide to work with a partner for marketing support, please know your budget and be open and upfront about it.

  • Keep Your Press List Up-To-Date

First, you should have a press list (media, streamers, YouTubers, etc.). Second, this list needs to be updated and managed on a consistent basis.






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