Sound Design

One of our specialties at Game Music Town is Sound Design. Whether you need our services for games, mobile apps, or any other type of visual or interactive media, our team of experts have a huge array of technical and creative skill when it comes to sound design. Whether you need high quality sound effects or a whole atmospheric presence, we want to help you make your project a truly memorable and unforgettable experience.

Sound Design is a big word, it covers many things, and it has quite a wide array of specialties. From Vivid Sound FX and Foley, to Atmosphere, Ambient and Sonic Textures, our professional and creative team will bring you all the necessary elements for your project to truly stand out and for everyone to fully perceive your vision.

Through a deep understanding and knowledge of advance sound design, digital signal processing, programming, sampling techniques, studio and field recording, audio manipulation, sound layering, linear vs. non linear environment audio triggering and integration, and by mixing a spectrum of sounds for stereo, 3D audio, and surround playback, we will take your project to the next level by making your sound effects and music layers perfectly fitting.

If your project also requires original music or voice production in addition to sound design, please feel free to read our other services under “Our Services” tab to give you a more detailed view of what “Game Music Town” has to offer in the music and voice production fields.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take your project to the next level, so regardless the size of your team or company and regardless of your budget, please get in contact with us via our “contact form” or feel free to email us directly at info at gamemusictown dot com or by phone at (818) 292-8242. We would love to hear from you!

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