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And a new world of decentralized apps, Ever since the launch of the HTC Dream Android phone and the first iPhone in 2007, mobile applications have taken extreme popularity in the world we live in. The community has praised it’s fast-growing market and it has supported it’s evolution from a financial point of view by trying, using and buying all types of mobile apps. From games and educational, to lifestyle and fitness applications, our team at Game Music Town has all the necessary tools and expertise to lovingly craft the music for your project by giving it the perfect musical identity while taking your app to a whole new level.

We understand the importance for your app to be the best possible it can be, to be able to reach as many users as possible and for it to be a success. With our team of video game audio experts we can help you achieve those results and give you an edge over the competition in an increasingly crowded and ever-growing online App Store, by providing you with finely crafted musical tracks to perfectly fit your vision and creation.

If the app you are developing happens to be a game, please feel free to read our “Music for Video Games” page under “Our Services” tab, to give you a more detailed view of our vision, our principle and our promise as a team of video game composers when writing original custom made music.

So regardless if you are independent developer or an established studio looking for high quality Audio tracks to your App, our purpose is to provide you with a convenient and affordable option to all your needs. We believe that with the perfect musical presence, your app will not only stand out, but it will make a strong impact on an ever-growing community of hungry users, and more importantly, it will render your vision as the creator, therefore, making your app a successful one.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take your project to the next level, so regardless the size of your team or company and regardless of your budget, please get in contact with us via our “contact form” or feel free to email us directly at info at gamemusictown dot com or by phone at (818) 292-8242. We would love to hear from you!

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