About Us

Game Music Town was founded by video game composers Marcos Moscat and Navid Hejazi. Two fellow Berklee College of Music graduates whose passion for music, video games and visual media brought them together to create the best possible source for custom made music, sound design and audio needs in the video game and mobile application industry.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and offering services worldwide while being based in Los Angeles (California), and Madrid (Spain), Game Music Town’s exceptional team is made of extraordinary music professionals. From Film, TV and Video Game Composers to Master Sound Designers, Music Engineers, and Audio Programmers with years of experience in the music and gaming industry, our mission is to deliver top-notch audio assets for your project.

Whether you are a small or solo developer, or an established studio working on a AAA title, and whether you are looking for a custom-made music theme for your game, the perfect track for your game trailer, vivid sound effects, a catchy tune, a distinct voice for one of your characters, or mostly a combination of all these elements, our purpose is to provide you with a convenient and affordable option to all your needs as a developer.

What unites Game Music Town as a video game music team is our passion for music and our vision as Gamers. We give the utmost attention to detail when it comes to crafting music and sounds and we value the importance of each single project we get our hands on. Just as you know how important it is to have professional audio in order make your project stand out and take it to the next level, we also understand how important it is for us to match your creative thoughts and make your vision complete by creating the ultimate atmosphere and giving it the perfect musical identity, a pact where the style and form of the video game tracks and audio we create, are only bound to our imagination and that of yours as the client.

Marcos Moscat

(Founder, Composer, Sound Design)

TV, Film, Video Game Composer and co-founder of Game Music Town. Immersed in music since an early age and a natural gamer since he can remember. “Music is the combination of three elements: Time, Tones and Colors. Fittingly enough these very same elements shape our lives. Therefore, Music is life, an infinite source where its limits are only bound to our imagination”

Navid Hejazi

(Founder, Composer, Sound Design)

Navid Hejazi is a video game composer with numerous credits for films and video games and co-founder of Game Music Town. His music style adapts to every kind of genre and instrumentation. “What I like when playing a video game is that you can immerse yourself in it’s unique world.  It is all about the intensity of the experience and this is why I have a big interest on virtual reality”