Audio Implementation

Through the years we have experienced the always-evolving world of gaming. From mesmerizing scenarios that engage us into a fantastic gameplay experience, to perfectly fitting music, sound effects and dialogue that creates the perfect ambience and tone for the story, regardless of what the game is about.

In order for audio and gameplay to work well together in modern standards, and for a smooth playing experience, knowledge in audio programming and implementation is extremely important and a fundamental piece in the development and success of your game. All the audio in your game will be as good and as effective as the systems that trigger them through gameplay information. By having a deep understanding of different middleware and audio engines such as FMod, WWise, Unreal and Unity, we can help you through all the necessary steps to make your game audio work as planned and as expected. From production to implementation and from mixing to careful and precise testing there is nothing for you to worry, we are here to help.

Our team understand the process from start to finish when it comes to game audio development. We can see the big picture with implementation in mind before the creative process begins, ensuring a smooth development cycle through all the stages of game music production. So whether you have all the audio for your project and need audio implementation support or whether you are looking for a bundle package of our services such as original music, sound design or voice production, our mission is to deliver our best and help you with all your audio needs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take your project to the next level, so regardless the size of your team or company and regardless of your budget, please get in contact with us via our “contact form” or feel free to email us directly at info at gamemusictown dot com or by phone at (818) 292-8242. We would love to hear from you!

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