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Composing music for a Video Game is a fascinating process. From looking at an image or concept art at an early stage, to picturing a whole story through images or actual gameplay, we have all the tools and expertise to create the perfect musical score to your game. At Game Music Town we strive for the very best not only in the quality of our audio tracks but also to the effect these tracks have on the story and gameplay of your game, and if there is something we know from a lifetime of experience is that video game music goes hand by hand to a story, and within that story, sometimes to even every single move from the beginning till the end. From creating a musical theme to a special character, to writing a colorful catchy tune for while you explore and collect items in a fantastic world. From a rhythmically driven track keeping you in tension while you wait for the target to appear or following your every move through non-stop action, to a minimalistic musical texture while your only options are either not moving or running in darkness or taking steps into the unknown, our team will take your vision to a whole new level by making your music not only memorable but also perfectly fitting to your game.

But when creating an original score to a game, it not only comes down to expertise and tools, but rather to one very special factor we believe is just as important… Imagination. Imagination is essential to who we are and what we do, some even say it is more important than knowledge, some say we are born with it, and others say we built our own lives upon it. The truth is that all of these points are valid, and if there is something we have, we practice daily and we carry in our minds and spirit, is a vast amount of imagination. At Game Music Town we live by this principle and our mission is to understand your vision and help you bring it to life and make it as real as the world we live in. Your projects should have a magical touch in them, they should have a unique personality and they should connect and resonate with your target gamer.

Koji Kondo? Nobuo Uematsu? Do these names sound familiar? We grew up listening to the masterful scores to their games, extraordinary themes to games such as Mario Bros., Zelda and Final Fantasy just to name a few. We grew up in a world of gaming, and we’ve been part of its evolution from a close point of view. From early PC, Atari, Intellivision and NES to the current era of gaming, we’ve experienced it all and it is part of our weekly routine to experience and be part of our “always evolving” current state of gaming. By having stepped into a lifetime of games and consoles, we understand the impact video game music has had through history on both games and gamers alike, as well as what made such musical themes so memorable and stand the test of time through decades of innovation, and how these melodies left a mark in our minds and in our lives. But we also understand how both music and gaming have evolved up to their current state, and that’s why we believe we can make your project stand out by genuinely crafting the best possible Music score to your game, while making it a special and memorable experience to all of those individuals that will have the opportunity to experience your creation.

So regardless if you are an independent developer or an established studio looking for a video game composer to deliver a high quality score for your game, our purpose is to provide you with a convenient and affordable option to all your needs. We believe that with the perfect musical score, your game will not only stand out, but it will make a strong impact on an ever-growing community of casual and hardcore gamers, and more importantly, it will render your vision as the creator, therefore, making your game a successful one.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take your project to the next level, so regardless the size of your team or company and regardless of your budget, please get in contact with us via our contact form or feel free to email us directly at info at gamemusictown dot com or by phone at (818) 292-8242.

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