Landing Your First Indie Video Game Soundtrack

Here are some tools at your disposal to get you closer to landing your first indie gaming soundtrack! — February 26, 2018 As a $32 billion dollar industry with serious growth projected, the PC gaming market has become a premium area for artists to pull in serious money, provided if they’re willing to put in the work necessary to land a

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The Best Villains in Video Games

How do you measure good without evil? Every heroic protagonist needs an antagonist to make their journey compelling, and games are no exception. — February 16, 2018 A corrupt, charismatic villain can be the engine that moves a story forward – and Games Radar knows it! This is why they have compiled a list of 30 villains we all love

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BlindDog Communications Partners Up With Game Music Town

The Partnership of BlindDog Communications and Game Music Town will bring a wider range of services for Indie Game Developers. — February 15, 2018 BlindDog Communications, a PR and creative marketing agency for game developers, just announced that they are joining forces with Game Music Town, a music production company that specializes in custom-made music, sound design, and voice production

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