10 Essential Trailer Music Tips

Here are ten tips to help you compose better trailer music and get your tracks placed in Hollywood trailers — June 25,  2018 Tip #1 Figure out what’s trending, and what genre and style you like. Tip #2 In trailer music, quantity matters – Your goal is to make a lot of great, qualitative, licensable tracks. Tip #3 Rip-off (yes, rip-off) trailer music

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8 Great Fighting Game Soundtracks From The ’90s

Get the lowdown on the most exciting fighting game soundtracks, from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to Streets Of Rage and Wolverine: Adamantium Rage. — June 19,  2018 Perhaps more than any other video game genre, fighting games have always been accompanied by incredible music. This is why when we came across with a list compiled by Redbull .com with the

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Video Games Are the Star of the Mobile Software Market

A new report indicates that 75% of the money spent on iOS App Store software went toward video game sales. — June 14,  2018 As Kevin Tucker, a long-time gamer and writer, explains this figure is remarkable for various reasons: not only do video games make up the vast majority of mobile software sales, they manage to do so while

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