10 Overused Trailer Songs

Diversity is not one of the industry’s strong suit when it comes to movie trailer songs. Few tracks are used over and over again in thousands of previews disregarding who used it before. Remember when almost every film trailer featured that song Lux Aeterna? You know, the one from The Two Towers, Sunshine, King Arthur, Troy, and others. Well, today we want to

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TV Scores Shift Toward Orchestral Music

‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of Cards’ composers discuss TV scores’ shift toward the orchestral… — October 10, 2017 Whether you see 2017 as the second or third golden age of television, there’s no doubt that the quality of TV music has surpassed anything that’s come before. This isn’t to discount memorable jingles and tunes from the likes of “Friends,”

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Movie Trailer – Indie Game: The Movie

Looking at Indie Game: The Movie (Special Edition) At Game Music Town we feature some of our favorite trailers for both Video Games and Film. From indie game trailers to big cinematic productions, we will bring you the excitement from different screens and from different generations. Here is a look at the trailer for “Indie Game: The Movie”, a documentary

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