E3 2018: News & Rumors

Do you know what’s next for the world of gaming? Here all the latest news and rumors from this year’s big gaming show!

June 6,  2018

E3 2018 is only a week away, and as we try to breathe around the sudden flood of pre-show leaks and reveals, we’re getting prepared for the biggest show on the gaming calendar. The next incarnation of E3 will officially start on 12 June and run to 14 June 2018, with press conferences beginning on June 9. As with most previous years, the show will take place at the vast Los Angeles Convention Center and will include all the usual conferences, keynotes and hands-on booths on the show floor.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is where the big platform makers (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) come to show off their latest bit of hardware, or a new game that’s going to get chins wagging and keyboards clacking. It’s where we get fantastic surprise reveals and more in-depth looks at previously teased titles. And it’s where we start planning our ‘to play this year’ list.

Techradar.com has compiled a list of what to expect, and if you haven’t read it, we recommend you do before heading down to the big event. Click here for more… and see you soon!