Six-String Gaming: A Guide to Some of the Best Guitar-Focused Video Games

There is plenty of guitars and music-focused video games worth checking out, appealing to experienced players and non-musical folks alike. Our friends at run down a few of the best. April 5th, 2019 Rocksmith Developed by leading game developer Ubisoft, Rocksmith claims to be the fastest way to learn guitar. With over three million users worldwide, the award-winning game — which

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Massive Amount of Game Soundtracks to Spotify

Capcom has added several dozen gaming soundtracks to Spotify, much to the delight of fans. March 29th, 2019 A new Spotify account called ‘Capcom Sound Team’ recently appeared on the service, offering classic soundtracks from multiple Capcom published game series. Fans ofDevil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, andStreet Fightercan now listen to music from games in the series on

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10 Video Games That Deal With Mental Illness

It has been a long and painful road for the topic of mental health and for those who suffer with it, to get to where we are now: a place where depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and more are openly being discussed. That being said, we wanted to share a really amazing article written by Will Harris. Read on! —February 6th,

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