10 Essential Trailer Music Tips

Here are ten tips to help you compose better trailer music and get your tracks placed in Hollywood trailers

June 25,  2018

Tip #1 Figure out what’s trending, and what genre and style you like.

Tip #2 In trailer music, quantity matters – Your goal is to make a lot of great, qualitative, licensable tracks.

Tip #3 Rip-off (yes, rip-off) trailer music structures.

Tip #4 Use powerful source sounds.

Tip #5 Limit yourself to the usage of only a few select elements in the track.

Tip #6 Start with chord progressions, not melodies.

Tip #7 When out of ideas – take a step back, quit composing for the moment, and listen to some excellent trailer music cues.

Tip #8 Listen to proper feedback – not any input

Tip #9 Write trailer music – not soundtrack music

Tips #10 Watch a lot (a lot) of trailers and analyze the music and sound design in them.

For a more detailed explanation of each of these tips, we recommend you read this article written by Walid Feghali posted on Evenant.com