Seniors Can Strengthen Their Brains By Playing Super Mario

Looking to prepare your brain for old age? A new study finds that the secret to a sharper mind may be… Super Mario

July 2,  2018

Canadien scientists found that adults who played Super Mario 64 (regularly) showed improvements in cognitive function.  To reach their findings, the researchers studied the brains of a group of people at least 55 years old after six months of either regular video game playing, piano playing (for the first time in their lives), or neither.

Participants who played Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, enjoyed increases in grey matter in the hippocampus and the cerebellum. These gamers’ short-term memory also improved.

As a result, it’s now believed that similar 3D platform games might help seniors fend off mild cognitive impairments and even Alzheimer’s disease.

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