10 Essential Trailer Music Tips

Here are ten tips to help you compose better trailer music and get your tracks placed in Hollywood trailers — June 25,  2018 Tip #1 Figure out what’s trending, and what genre and style you like. Tip #2 In trailer music, quantity matters – Your goal is to make a lot of great, qualitative, licensable tracks. Tip #3 Rip-off (yes, rip-off) trailer music

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How To Finish Your Game – 5 Tips For Indie Developers

Finalizing projects is never easy! Nowadays, as the game making technologies are getting more and more accessible and easy to use, many people try to create their games, but only some of them are able to finish those games. — January 17, 2018 The below points might come in handy no matter if you are a complete beginner or if you

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