7 Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Video Games

We recently came across an excellent article by Carson Blackwelder where he talks about seven crucial life lessons he learned from video games.

August 22nd,  2018

Beyond the mental, physical, and social pluses, video games can do what books, movies, and TV shows cannot: put us in control. All of these pop culture mediums have the capability allowing us to be anyone, do anything, and go anywhere, but video games give us a first-person experience and, as a result, a unique perspective – he says.

Here are the seven essential life lessons I learned from playing video games:

1. “Detroit: Become Human”: Every decision matters, so make each one count.

2. “Final Fantasy”: You are never alone when you’re surrounded by friends.

3. “Kingdom Hearts”: It is what’s inside us that’s important.

4. “The Last of Us”: We get to choose our own family.

5. “The Legend of Zelda”: Sometimes just one person can do incredible things.

6. “Mario Kart”: Be prepared. There are banana peels and shells everywhere.

7. “Pokémon”: Good things come to those who wait — and train.

To read the full article published on aplus.com click here.