How To Get Free Video Games

There is no better price than free. No hidden costs, no fine print, no strings attached. But for the video game industry, which makes $138 billion per year globally, “free” is atypical. —February 12th,  2019 Yes, free video games are rare. Nonetheless, they exist! Some developers create video games as a hobby and release them as freeware. Other times, an

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The 12 Songs of Christmas… in Video Games

After listening to more than a hundred songs from numerous games, we came up with a list of the 12 best Christmas songs in video games. — December 13th,  2018 Tambourines, bells, accordions, you name it, from Animal Crossing to Shenmue, these are the best songs (in no particular order) that will grace our ears with the joy of Christmas:

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Top 5 Video Game Vehicles We Would Love To Drive

In many video games, cars and vehicles are an important thing. They are in racing games, first-person shooters, and even non-racing releases. What are the top 5 video game vehicles? In this list, we are going to find out. — November 30th,  2018 5. Police cars SOURCE:APTGADGET.COM The first and the last generic entry on this list are going to

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