The 12 Songs of Christmas… in Video Games

After listening to more than a hundred songs from numerous games, we came up with a list of the 12 best Christmas songs in video games.

December 13th,  2018

Tambourines, bells, accordions, you name it, from Animal Crossing to Shenmue, these are the best songs (in no particular order) that will grace our ears with the joy of Christmas:

1. Ice Man Stage – Mega Man: Powered Up

2. Lake Bresha – Final Fantasy XIII

3. Toy Day – Animal Crossing New Leaf

4. Snowball Waltz – Sonic Lost World

5. Happy Holidays – Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

6. Christmas on Dobuita Street – Shenmue

7. Wii U Christmas eShop Music – Wii U

8. Snowball Park – Super Mario 3D Land/World

9. Jangle Bell – Donkey Kong Country 3

10. Freezeezy Peak – Banjo Kazooie

11. Sadistic Xmas (Artic Dream) – Tekken Tag Tournament 2

12. Snowman/Winters White/White (Owner’s Recommendation) – MOTHER Series


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