7 Christmas Gifts That Are Perfect For Gamers

How big is the video game world these days? So big that this holiday season, you can get a spectacular gift for the gamer in your life — that isn’t a game. All thanks to a great list that our friends at nydailynews.com put together.

December 3rd,  2018

Here are a few non-game gaming gifts you can grab this holiday:


There’s no Nintendo 64 retro this holiday (or maybe ever), but Sony capably steps into the void, reviving the console that started the PlayStation legend. Sony’s first entry into the market tugs at plenty of nostalgia too, thanks to Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid.


When you think about it, Sonic the Hedgehog should have signed an endorsement deal a long time ago, since he’s the fastest creature in all of the video games. And now, he’s got one. Puma’s line of Sonic sneakers has a distinct look that not everyone can pull off. But the furry blue Sonic kicks and the glossy red Eggmans do have a certain charm, and they very obviously conjure images of 1990s gaming. Catch them if you can.


If Overwatch or Fortnite is your game, then you can’t game listening to mere audio from your TV or surround sound. You need a gaming headset, one that places control of the audio at your fingertips, letting you find that perfect balance between the footsteps of the enemy and the chatter of your teammates. Astro’s A40 TR did precisely that a year ago, and now it’s back in a lustrous red-and-black color combo that celebrates the company’s 10th year as a headset innovator. The great sound tech is here, and the slightly shiny red brings a little pizzazz to the unit, exactly what you’ll want this holiday.


It’s not just the colors on this special-edition Xbox controller that make it special; it’s the feel. There’s an extra grip on the handles, making this that much easier to hold during marathon Madden or NBA 2K sessions. It’s the finest Xbox One controller there is.


PC gamers who don’t want to lug around giant gaming-focused laptops, this is the machine for you. Lenovo’s Yoga 920 is the beefiest 13-inch laptop you’ll find, powerful enough to run the likes of Fallout 4 and the Witcher, yet sleek and slim enough to easily fit into your backpack without weighing you down. Add in that slick metallic finish, and there’s plenty to love here; make this the top laptop on your Christmas wish list.


Microsoft’s super-slick hybrid tablet can’t go head-to-head with any gaming laptop, but it’s your best tablet option this holiday, with a solid operating system, and a strong keyboard that offers plenty of productivity punch and is the best case keyboard we’ve used this year. It’s perfect for web browsing and some casual gaming, as well as for movie viewing.


This one’s a cord cutter’s dream, great for gamers and TV fans looking for better options than their cable providers. PS Vue offers plenty of TV station options for your viewing, and it runs on everything from the PlayStation 4 to your smartphones and tablets. It loads easily, includes DVR options, and every major network is available. The best part: No contract and instant access.

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