How To Get Free Video Games

There is no better price than free. No hidden costs, no fine print, no strings attached. But for the video game industry, which makes $138 billion per year globally, “free” is atypical.

February 12th,  2019

Yes, free video games are rare. Nonetheless, they exist! Some developers create video games as a hobby and release them as freeware. Other times, an indie developer wants to make a name for him/herself and publishes a free game to draw attention. A newer trend, which took firm hold in the past decade, is to offer the game for free up front, and subsequently sell power-ups or cosmetic changes.

Now, you may be asking yourself: where do I find these ‘free’ games? Continue reading, because here’s how to get free video games on the Internet. And don’t worry: every one of these options is legal.

  • Free-to-Play Sections Of Online Stores
  • Steam
  • HumbleBundle
  • Free Demos
  • GameFly
  • Orisinal
  • TextAdventures
  • Reddit
  • Kongregate

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