Nostalgia Is Gaming’s Biggest Trend

It is 2018, and video games seem to have forgotten that they used to be the future. Today, retro-facing games are big business and (slowly but surely) taking over the gaming sphere.

September 20th,  2018

Be the re-releases of older titles, repackaged “classic” consoles (such as the NES and SNES Mini), or games that self-consciously ape their forebears to such an exacting degree that they’re nigh on indistinguishable from the original, nostalgia is gaming’s most significant trend right now.

Tanglewood’ is the first new Sega Genesis game in years — and the latest example of gaming developers looking back, not ahead. Go on the game’s website, and you can purchase a boxed copy of the game — real cartridge, real manual — to pop into your Genesis, should it still exist. If not, there’s always the digital-only Steam version.

To put it another way, “Tanglewood is the purest expression of a video game industry gripped by retromania.” Sometimes, though, the most seemingly retro-manic games look back to say something new.
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