TV Scores Shift Toward Orchestral Music

‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of Cards’ composers discuss TV scores’ shift toward the orchestral… — October 10, 2017 Whether you see 2017 as the second or third golden age of television, there’s no doubt that the quality of TV music has surpassed anything that’s come before. This isn’t to discount memorable jingles and tunes from the likes of “Friends,”

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Castlevania: The New Video Game Show on Netflix

The new Netflix show “Castlevania” is based on a video game and an unexpected hit. However, it only exists because of a chance encounter! — August 8, 2017 Castlevania is an animated show based on a video game franchise that was genuinely popular nearly 30 years ago. Moreover, it’s a show based on a video game — and history is

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