The Clicking Point of Video Games

The clicking point must be the ultimate goal for games designers. The moment after the tutorial, when the gamified learning has embedded itself in the users’ mind, and the video game has captured your total attention.

May 15, 2018

We usually share lots of articles on our blog, not only because sharing is caring, but also because we believe that there’s a lot of great content out there waiting to be discovered! The following article is no exception. It caught our eye almost immediately! Mainly, because game designers and patrons both hope for the point at which a game clicks with their audience.

But also because it’s a classic win-win, and for every massive-selling game, there is a legion of fans who will cite a different reason as to why they got ‘hooked.’ The fact is though; it is a profoundly personal rationale. Nonetheless, this piece (originally published on Game Central) describes perfectly that vital moment when a video game finally clicks with you, using examples from The Last Of Us to Cuphead.






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