New Track: ‘The Little Girl & Her Evil Plan’

Composing a new track is always exciting, especially if you have a story and a set of actions behind it. Check this one out!

February 2, 2018

‘The Little Girl and her Evil Plan’ is a video game music track made out of three individual loops and is inspired by a dark comedy story set in a surrealistic fantasy world. The music mixes elements of comedy and horror to recreate the innocence of the main character and the spookiness of the world that surrounds her. The tango piano and melodies represent the little girl’s innocent side while the harpsichord, high strings, and ethereal choirs bring that spooky tone that colors her world. The upbeat rhythmic patterns give us a sense that she is a spy with a mission to accomplish!

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Genre: Adventure / Puzzle / Puzzle-Adventure / Mystery / Dreamy / Fantasy


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