Composer Nima Fakhrara joins Game Music Town

We are pleased to announce that composer Nima Fakhrara has partnered up with Game Music Town and officially joins our team! — May 29, 2019 Nima Fakhrara is an Iranian-born composer, ethnomusicologist, and inventor of musical instruments. Nima Fakhrara is the founder of Zoo Creatives and his credits include the Sony PlayStation acclaimed title “ Detroit: Become Human”, “Resident Evil:

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New Track: ‘The Little Girl & Her Evil Plan’

Composing a new track is always exciting, especially if you have a story and a set of actions behind it. Check this one out! — February 2, 2018 ‘The Little Girl and her Evil Plan’ is a video game music track made out of three individual loops and is inspired by a dark comedy story set in a surrealistic fantasy

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