The Link Between Video Games and Stress Relief

Today is the international Stress Awareness Day, and guess what? Video games can be excellent stress relievers! April 16th, 2019 Video games can provide us with a safe and fun outlet for developing our emotional awareness and coping skills. Most games reward players for being able to manage their emotions. Moreover, recent studies show that action-based video games not only

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Tetris: from video game to therapy

Exploring the latest scientific study that extols the mental-health benefits of clearing those digital lines — December 28th,  2018 In the 2011 documentary film Ecstasy of Order, the world’s best Tetris players go head to head, demonstrating their skills and declaring their devotion to the biggest-selling video game of all time. For former world champion Harry Hong, the connection is a profound one. “When I’m

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How Video Games Affect the Brain

Video gaming is a popular form of entertainment, with video gamers collectively spending 3 billion hours per week in front of their screens. Due to their widespread use, scientists have researched how video games affect the brain and behavior. — July 11, 2017 At a glance, more than 150 million people in the United States play video games regularly, or

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