10 Overused Trailer Songs

Diversity is not one of the industry’s strong suit when it comes to movie trailer songs. Few tracks are used over and over again in thousands of previews disregarding who used it before. Remember when almost every film trailer featured that song Lux Aeterna? You know, the one from The Two Towers, Sunshine, King Arthur, Troy, and others. Well, today we want to

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10 Films With Great Soundtracks To Watch On Netflix Today

A great film soundtrack can often be just as instrumental to a film’s success as its script, cast, and direction. That’s why we’ve trawled through Netflix’s back catalog to find the movie that has harnessed the power of music to the most awe-inspiring effect. — December 14, 2017. From epic blockbusters and Oscar-winning classics to art-house hits and cult favorites –

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5 Movie Soundtracks That Rescued Great Musicians From Obscurity

The connection between music and film dates back to cinema’s infancy when pianists and organ players provided live accompaniment for silent movies. Over a century later, motion-picture soundtracks are helping to keep the record industry alive. — October 25, 2017 Music supervisors routinely choose just the right pop songs to make key scenes swell with emotion and energy. One thing

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