E3 2017: Everything You Need To Know

Here are all the facts you need to know about this year’s gaming extravaganza! — June 8, 2017 E3 is the world’s biggest gaming show. Every June, the video game development community, and press gather in Los Angeles to learn about what the next year has in store for the world of video games. This year 15,000 members of the

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11 Awesome Games You Might Have Missed This Month

Tons of awesome games come out every month, but in the shadow of high-profile AAA titles, even the best ones can slip under our radars. Whether you’re a fan of survival horror, colorful puzzlers, or nostalgic first-person shooters, there’s plenty to love in this month’s round-up. — June 6, 2017 1. Little Nightmares (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Little Nightmares technically

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