Hello World!

Welcome to Game Music Town! A place where making music is our favorite game of all!

Game Music Town has officially launched and we are excited to bring you the best audio solution for your project. Whether you are looking for custom made music, sound effects, voice production, or audio implementation, we will recreate your vision into something memorable and unique.

We are professional musicians, but we are also big time gamers… Ever since we can remember we’ve felt passionate about video game music, and through years of study and practice we have made this beautiful project a reality, putting together the best of 2 worlds that complement each other.

We want to hear your creative thoughts and make your vision complete by creating the ultimate atmosphere and bringing you the perfect musical identity, a pact where the style and form of the audio tracks we create, are only bound to our imagination and that of yours as a client. Our exceptional team is excited to work with you and we can’t wait to be part of your game.

Please join us as we initiate this wonderful journey and let the music begin!


Game Music Town