20 Things That Happen Every Time You Start A New Video Game

Resist the urge to throw your controller at the screen.

November 15, 2017.’

Here’s a list of 20 things we now happen every time you start playing a new video game:

1. You waste a lot of time picking a name and building your character.

2. And you agonize over ever a little choice, like nose height.

3. You always try to avoid that one NPC who says, “Welcome to ____ town!”

4. But then end up talking to everyone in the first town, just in case.

5. You’re very talkative in games. In the real world? Not so much.

6. You sprint everywhere. Why is there even a walk option?

7. For some reason, every male character is in a full suit of armor, while the female characters are all in slightly armored lingerie.

8. There are two types of players: the ones who get through the main quest as fast as possible, and the ones who grind out every single side quest.

9. And there’s always that one player who is way under-leveled for the area they’re in.

10. You save everything you come across in case you need it later.

11. And then you never end up using anything later.

12. Any NPC that has something useful to say usually ends up only saying it once.

13. You spend more time on the map screen than you do playing because it’s so easy to get lost.

14. You have an instinctual and immediate reaction to anything shiny.

15. You have zero issue entering homes and taking whatever you please.

16. You’d sell the armor off a companion’s back to upgrade your weapons.

17. But then you find a better weapon in a random chest right after you blow all your money on the fanciest weapon a vendor has to offer.

18. So you reload your game and try again.

19. You skip every cutscene in an overly complicated RPG.

20. Your inventory becomes a sea of restoration items and healing herbs by the last act of the game.

By Kyla Ryan 

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